Paradise close to the city!

  • Purjetamine Naissaarele
  • Purjetamine Naissaarele
  • Purjetamine Naissaarele
  • Purjetamine Naissaarele

Why not spending one exciting and adventurous day discovering the island of Naissaar together with friends or even colleagues? This Tallinn Bay island, full of military history and cultural heritage, is a truly fun and unique place to be!

Picturesque eastern and southern shores of the island offer beaches with pure sand and natural coastal roses. Most of the island is covered with forests, where you can pick fresh blueberries in July, cowberries and mushrooms in August and September. Check out the huge boulders left at shore by the glacier. The whole island is a natural conservation park.

Thanks to its location, Naissaar has always possessed an important defense role. In order to protect the access to Tallinn from the Baltic Sea, Peeter the Great built a fortress. One can find abandoned Soviet naval mine factory. The narrow-gauge railroad tracks also date back to those dates, when the island was in the possession of the Soviet Army.

Opportunities on Naissaar

The island of Estonian and Estonian-Swedish former seal hunters and fishers hides lots of exciting attractions waiting to be discovered. One can opt between hiking trails, unique nature, narrow-gauge railway tracks with a functioning train, czar artillery fortress remainings, soviet mine factory or paradise beach with its pure sand. In addition, a number of exciting cultural events happen here recently. For example, every summer the Nargen Festival performances take place on the island. And there is nothing better than arriving to the island in style, on board a luxury yacht.

How far is it?

The island of Naissaar lies about 10km off the center of Tallinn. One-way trip to the island on board a sailing yacht lasts about 1,5-2 hours, while RIB speedboat ride is around 20-30 minutes.

Choose your adventure

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