Good to Know

Important to know before coming on board

  • The sailboats are rented only with a crew.
  • Our sailboats are equipped with all safety equipment, required by law.
  • If sailing with kids, please advise the number and age of children at least 3 days before the trip. Thus we can guarantee the correct lifejacket. While aboard, the usage of lifejacket is obligatory for children at all times.
  • We kindly ask to come 10 min before the agreed time.
  • Safety instructions and the location of safety equipment will be given before leaving the port.
  • Captain's word is law. In case the instructions are being ignored, the captain has the right to return to port.
  • Shoes with heels are not allowed. We recommend using comfortable, non-slippery shoes with white sole.
  • Choose your cloths according to weather conditions. Bear in mind that it is always colder out in the sea, than on land.
  • Pets are not allowed on board.
  • Sea-sickness is best prevented, than treated. We advise to take in your sea-sickness medication half an hour before sailing.
  • On a sunny day don't forget to bring along the sun-block.
  • If you wish to refresh yourself in sea waters, bring your swimming suit and towel along.
  • Drinks and snacks can be ordered from us. Let us know your wishes 3 days in advance. Cleaning fee and disposables are included.
  • If coming on board with your own food and drinks and/or use the yacht’s tableware, but would rather leave the final cleaning to us, the cleaning fee of 20 EUR applies.
  • Red wine and red berries are not allowed on board.
  • Good mood is obligatory on board!

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